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The New Tai Chi Center of Madison

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to connect you with the new: Tai Chi Center of Madison LLC website for up-to-date information on ongoing weekly tai chi and qigong classes and  on renting the center for your workshops and events.

The new coordinator, Doug Brown, has been a teacher at the Tai Chi Center for several years, and brings new energy and enthusiasm.  Classes are still held at the same  lovely location and are taught by all the same teachers, including myself. You have a larger number of class offerings to choose from, and they will be held for more weeks each year. 

Classes are all held at the same location: 301 South Bedford, Suite 219, Madison, WI

Questions? Contact:

for instructors near you or friends or materials for practicing:

NEW ADDRESS for Tricia Yu:

Letters & Pkgs.:P.O.Box 756, Taos, New Mexico 87571

UPS, Fed.Ex., DHL: 51 Martinez Road, Aroyo Seco, NM 87514

Phone contact: Office: 575-767-3470

                      Tricia’s cell: 608-257-4171

                       Doug’s (Tricia's spouse)cell phone: 608-698-0217

 Doug Brown, Co-ordinator

Tai Chi Center of Madison, LLC

Office: 4117 Hillcrest Drive, Madison, WI 53705

Phone: 608-663-8299. 

Since 1974, the Tai Chi Center has provided quality training in tai chi and qigong to people with a wide range of abilities, ages, experiences and learning styles. it is one of the oldest and largest centers in the USA.

The new Tai Chi Center of Madison continues to offer classes in Yang Style tai chi (Cheng Man-Ch'ing lineage), Tai Chi Fundamentals® for mastering the basics, and push hands training. The Tai Chi Fundamentals® and ROM Dance class includes gentle seated and standing exercises. All classes include instruction in sensing and cultivating qi.

All instructors have studied tai chi for many years bring unique teaching styles to their classes, and are dedicated to providing a peaceful, supportive environment for learning.

I continue to hold my Madison seminars at the Tai Chi Center and teach the ongoing weekly classes part time. Please join us.

Sincerely, Tricia Yu

Tai Chi Health

Former Tai Chi Center Director, 1974-2005

to find instructors in your area: go to:

www.taichihealth.com and click on Tai Chi Fundamentals®, then click on Instructors and go to your state and city.

Claire Walchli is under Wisconsin, then under Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, see Pewaukee too.