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Your Ambassodor, CLAIRE WALCHLI: www.trivita.com/web/us/14348725   or call Claire.  You can have an amazing experience eating wildfoods grown in the rainforest, because plants that grow in rich Amazon rainforest soil are packed with nutrients that give us energy.

Call: 1-800-874-8482 and use my #14748725 please. when ordering/ Claire Walchli.

Watch info-mercials with TriVita on TV! 

Since July, 2009, Claire is "DSHEA Certified" through the American Nutraceutical Association. For information on this group/certification, contact: www.ana-jana.org

Call me sometime and let's taste some of these energetics!

You may have seen our founder, John "Amazon John" Easterling with his bride, Olivia Newton-John Easterling on all the major network talk shows and news hours lately!

We are sharing a new drink filled with all the energy of the Rainforest!   that's our ZAMU GOLD!

 It tastes like pure chocolate and citrus and wakes up your taste buds! In it are all the energetics of the rainforest! Give it a try!  www.trivita.com/web/us/14348725 

     Experience the joy, and benefit of eating wildfood, or using skin care products with  wild herbs.

     They are in a convenient and hygenic capsule form called  "Liquizons". This is a trade-marked lab process.

     Claire also gives lectures and demos for natural pet care. These products are just as safe for our pets as they are for babies and pregnant women.

      Each of the herbs in the nutritional and skin care products we distribute has been sustainably harvested by experienced tribal people who have lived in the rainforest all their lives.  The knowledge they use to care for plants has been passed down for generations.

"These tribal people ( the Shapibos) treat everything in the rainforest with reverence.  And we treat this gentle people, indigenous to the Amazon, with the utmost respect.  Our partnership has allowed these people to revitalize their villages and sustain their traditional lifestyles." Tiffany Manley

Claire ia a bio-nutritional consultant.  She invites you to call for a private session or to schedule a party in your home or her location.  We also have Open Houses for you to come & sample the pure “foods” and learn how to share them and support your life financially.

For more information, please use Claire’s website: www.trivita.com/web/us/14348725 

or call her direct line: (262) 695-1417/ home office; 414-507-2755/cell. Business opportunities for you on request. Earn a living or just supplement some extra fun in your healthy life! Opportunity could be "knocking on your door" while experiencing new stamina and vitality in your life.

Call: 1-800-874-8482 and use my #14748725 please. when ordering/ Claire Walchli.