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Please call Claire and register for 2016 Spring classes: 414-507-2755/cell

You can mail fees for some classes.

To find April 12, 13, 14 and forward, 2016 registration info. for Summer 2016 at WCTC, Pewaukee Campus, scroll down to the bottom of this section. April 12 is for Veterans only 7:00 am online and 8:00+ calls and in-person. April 13 is for public 7:00 am line forward. April 14 for public 7:00 am online or 8:00 am + call or in-person added. Call: 262-691-5578.

Scroll down to the end for Claire's weekend Workshops.  Earn a certificate for "Tai Chi Fundamentals® Introduction and Review Course Levels One and Two"  for Beginners and those wishing to certify to be Instructors. Also ask about 3 and 6 hour Trainings, or call Claire.

Call for Wellness Fairs, (free admission at WCTC's (April 20 in Service (S) Building Fitness Center) 2016: 10am-2:00pm,  in the RC Anderson Bldg.),

and asst. locations throughout the year:

Claire's Tai Chi demo "kicked off" the  "Spirituality in Aging" Conference: ...stay tuned for current info.

ProHealthCare Regency Senior Health and Fitness Days, 2016: for events and times/dates call any Regency Senior Community.  The Health Fairs are at all three campuses: Muskego, New Berlin, Brookfield.  Claire will demo at some, but please come to all three: they're free!

Free March Health Fairs at Milwaukee Catholic Home on Prospect Av., Milwaukee each year.

The Free Annual Health Fair at San Camillo ( across from the Milwaukee Zoo) is Thursday, April 8, 2016, Approx. 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the main floor O'Donnell Room. Claire will have a 45 min. free demo of her Yoga/Tai Chi/ROM Dance/Qi Gong gentle exercises for seniors of all abilities, 1:00 to 1:45 pm. This will be in the main level Concourse with sky lights! Free Refreshments.


  • private lessons (45 min. or more)
  • semi-private ( 2 people)
  • small classes ( 3 or 4 people)
  • demos, motivational lectures: handouts included!
  • Trial classes before scheduling sessions
  • 6 , 8, 10 and 12 week classes, once or twice per week
  • continuing class rates
  • drop in fees at many locations for continuing students 
  • certification credits available for those wanting to instruct
  • Level One and Two TCF® also for medical professionals
  • Training available for certification
  • Medical Center support group demos
  • demos through the AHNA: American Holistic Nurses Association,including their Lamplighter Walk at UW-M. See website: www.AHNA.org for this next one.
  • Parich Nurses Conference
  • Froedert/ Medical College of WI Neuro Science Dept. support groups
  • See ABOUT US directory choice on this site
  • Alzheimer's:
  • Demos with local Memory Loss Support Groups. One at Panera's in Ruby Isle Mall, Brkfld.: "Alzheimer's Café 2nd Tuesday of the month. Call Linda Markut, MS, 608-931--5651
  • See article by Claire in Summer 2010 issue of Horizon Grief Support Newsletter

A brief weekly class calendar (for dates/specific information, read below)

Mondays       9:00-9:45 am  Regency Senior Community-Muskego ( Jan.25-April 25; Jun. 6- Sept.12; Oct.3-Dec.19, 2016.

                11:00 pm-12:20 pm WCTC-Pewaukee-S104D (TCF®)CRN (Julie Gunnell Cert. Instr.) and/or 1:00-2:20pm Tai Chi Levels II & III/Enriched (these WCTC classes are all in session now). 
Tuesdays    11:15-12:00 Regency-Brookfield (lower level bldg.-Comb.) Jan.26- April 26; Jun. 7- Sept.6; and Oct.4-Dec.20, 2016.                          

                 2:15-3:00 pm Regency-New Berlin (Comb.) Jan.-26-April 26; Jun. 7- Sept.6; and Oct.4-Dec.20, 2016.

                 6:30-7:30 pm  Galilee Church-Pewaukee (TCF®) Continuing classes, call for dates. No class weeks of: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Year. Some short sessions/daytime. Call for scheduled dates.

Wednesdays   9:30 am  Three Pillars-Community Room (Comb.) : 1st, 3rd and 5th(when 5 Wednesdays in a month) wks in a month                                    

                     11:00am-12:20pm  WCTC-Pewaukee S104D   (Qi Gong for Energy & Healing)


Thursdays        11:15 am-12:00 pm Milwaukee Catholic Home-Milwaukee (East Side) (Comb.)

                     Claire teaches/demonstrates and presents at other facilities not listed here. 

TCF® =   Tai Chi Fundamentals®, a modified, certified Tai Chi for most abilities,using Qi Gong.

Qi Gong= A Chinese system of prescribed physical exercises or movements performed in a  

                   meditative state.

ROM Dance= Gentle stretches and movements to begin/end or as an exercise program Comb.=     A combination of the above

COMB. classes are a blend of the above and simple/modified yoga


for private groups, therapists, nurses/trainees (local certification program), school students and staff, corporate staff lunch hours & after work hours, medical center support groups, community club meetings, wellness centers, Global T'ai Chi & Qigong Day, Chinese New Year, clinics, retreats, library community demos. Also private class hours to satisfy Contact Hours to certifiy.


Use the first class of (some) sessions to try the class for FREE.  Call to register (preferred), then after class, let us know if you liked it. You can then register for (that) class session.

Level One & Two Introduction and Review Course- Professional Workshop for Beginners and Instructors: Saturday &/or Sunday, Feb. 7/8 or Feb. 14/15, 2015 at Acu-Med Integrative Medicine Cntr. 1428 E. Racine Av., Waukesha 53186, just east of Hwy 164. Contact call or e-mail Claire for info. Register now.

Claire's letter of qualification:

Office: P.O. Box 756 Taos, NM 87571

Tel: 608.257-4171: Email: tyu@taichihealth.com Website:

May 05, 2009,

To whom it May Concern,

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program certified instructor, Claire Walchli, is qualified to teach

three-hour * Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program intensives to students, Tai Chi instructors,

health and fitness professionals and to the public.

This course qualifies as partial contact hours fulfillment Tai Chi Fundamentals®

Instructor Certification.


Tricia Yu

Creator, Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program

Director, Tai Chi Health®

* currently approved to host 12 hour, 2 day trainings for beginners and future instructors

The Acu-Med Integrative Medicine Center,(see address below in Waukesha).Call or e-mail for details: 414-507-2755/Claire. claire@taichifun.com

WCTC- Registration November 18+, 2104 for non-credit classes at WCTC: for Spring 2015 sessions.  Go to: www.wctc.edu to register online (from 7:00 am) or register in person or by phone (from 8:00 am) each day. Classes fill quickly. Take both the daytime Qi Gong classes back -to- back for increase "flow" and benefits.  Take the Tai Chi courses back-to-back if repeating course.

Call Claire if you wish to join our session after the first class. Note, titles may vary for 2014 Fall: choose Tai Chi Fundamentals®, QiGong, QiGong: The Next Step and Tai Chi Level II & III. 

800 N. Main Street, S-Service-Building, Pwk., WI. 53072 (small gym in large Fitness Center, Room 104-D enter through Fitness Office).

Wear layered clothing for warmth and comfort. Flat shoes. Chairs are provided, if needed.

Register for any of 5 classes Summer 2014:  ($4.00 registration fee/per semester) 

Seniors (62 or better pay 50%), yes, half off! Your tax dollars at work!

  • 12 weeks Tai Chi Levels II & III :             
  • Seniors (62 yrs.+) pay half fee:
  • Mondays 12:00 pm -12:55 pm PWK  Tai Chi Fundamentals®
  • Mondays 1:00pm Tai Chi Levels II & III/previousTCF® instruction .
  • It is recommended you have previous Tai Chi Fundamentals® practice for this class.
  • Wed. Tai Chi Fundamentals®/Enriched  6-7:25 pm or 6-6:55 pm (see offerings)
  • PWK Campus  Fitness Center's small classroom gym (104D) in corner of large gym.
  • 12 weeks QiGong for Energy and Healing
  • Wednesdays 11:00 to 11:55 am PWK.
  • Wednesdays 12:00-12:55 pm Qi Gong: The Next Step.  Stay for a second hour and increase your "chi" flow! For those wanting to enhance their Qi Gong experience.
  • Seated R.O.M.(Range of Motion) Dance included in some classes.
  •  handoutsQigong movements are combined to learn the "Form" in Fundamentals S" Service Building Fitness gym area #104D in Large gym.  800 N. Main Street55 classes , done standing or honor your abilitiy level and choose to sit(Seniors 62+ pay half fee)Easy pace for all abilities and easy free parking!Register at: www.wctc.edu or phone (262) 691-55783 TCF® classes and 2  Qigong classes. Take some classes back to back! Try taking a variety of classes! That's easy.see www.wctc.edu for info or call Claire 262-695-1417 or 414-507-2755/mobile/anytimewatch this site for the 5 class times offered in the Spring 2015WCTC Summer 2016 Registration info for Tai Chi and Qigong Courses with Claire Walchli, TCI  www.taichifun.com or call WCTC 262-691-5578. Veterans only April 12, 7:00 am online and 8 :00 am in-person or call. April 13, public 7:00 and forward online only. April 14 public, 7:00 am online and 8:00am forward in-person or call.

    planetclaire@wi.rr.com or 414-507-2755/mobile for more info. If a class is full, call Claire for assistance.

    www.wctc.edu online.

    8 am in person or by phone: 262-691-5578 or 262-691-5555 (technical assistance)
  • NOTE: Classes fill quickly, so register, asap!.     
  • The Summer, 2016 schedule is below, but you must wait till above registration dates/times. The exact date will be on website soon. Usually beginning the end of May and ending August.
  • All class sessions are 12 weeks. Seniors 62+ pay 50% tuition! Chairs available for all

    807 621D Fundamentals of Tai Chi  CRN 5259. Tai Chi Fundamentals is an ancient Chinese form of mental and physical exercise. It is a low-impact workout with stress reducing exercises. Learn the basic exercises for a relaxing work-out. This course combines meditation and concentrated breathing to achieve a calmer mind and a healthier body! Wear comfortable clothes and flat-soled shoes. Done standing and seated with modifications given. Includes  instruction handouts. Now taught by Certified Instructor, Julie Gunnell.

    Offering number: 807-621D CRN 5259  Tuition/fee:TBA    Seats Open: 12 Instructor:Julie Gunnell 
    Days: Monday   Times: 11:00am-11:55am Room: S104D  12 week session.

    807-621B CRN 5258  Tai Chi- Levels II & III/Enriched.  Tai Chi Fundamentals uses Qi Gong exercises and develops them into a modified 5 minute Yang style form. By using the breath and core movements, it can enhance the immune system, strength and energy while relaxing stress and pain. This moving meditation brings the body, mind and spirit into balance. Western medical research has begun to validate the many benefits of Tai Chi practice. The certified instructor guides students with compassion for all abilities (including rehab.) toward each student's individual goals. You can choose standing or seated postures. Includes an instruction booklet. It is highly recommended that students have taken a previous course in Tai Chi Fundamentals or Tai Chi. Please wear flat-soled shoes. The added time is most beneficial when learning to be comfortable doing the "FORM". Ask Instructor for entry to both daytime classes here.

    Offering number: 807-621B  CRN: 5258 Seats Open: 12  Instructor: Walchli, Claire A
    Dates: TBA, usually late May to Aug.  Days: Monday   Times:12:30-01:25 pm ; Tuition/fee:TBA  Room: S104D  12 week session

    807-621D  CRN 5260 Tai Chi Enriched .Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of mental and physical exercise. It is a low-impact workout with stress-reducing exercises. Learn the basics of postural movements. This course combines meditation and concentrated breathing to achieve a calmer mind and a healthier body! This new course adds more time for practicing the brief routine referred to as "the form". It is suitable for beginners and continuing students of most abilities. Some printed handouts.

    Offering number: 807-621D  CRN:5260    Tuition/fee: TBA  Seats Open: 12  Instructor: Julie Gunnell     12 week session
    Dates: TBA, usually late May to August   Days: Wednesday   Times: 06:00pm-6:55pm Room: S104D  

    807-629 CRN 5263  Qi Gong for Energy & Healing.  All physical abilities and experience welcome. Create a body without pain. Sometimes called "the new yoga" it means energy cultivation (through steady practice). Unlike yoga, the flow of Qi Gong can be learned very quickly. Qi Gong's rhythmic exercises mimic the gentle movements from nature, especially the fluidity of water. To increase the health benefits, flow of energy and enjoyment.

    Offering number: 807-629  CRN: 5263 Tuition/fee: TBA Seats Open: 12  Instructor: Walchli, Claire A      12 week session
    Dates: TBA, usually Late May to August   Room: S104D Wednesday  Times: 11:00am-11:55am  Room: S104D

    807-629 CRN 5264  Qi Gong for Energy & Healing.  All physical abilities and experience welcome. Create a body without pain. Sometimes called "the new yoga" it means energy cultivation (through steady practice). Unlike yoga, the flow of Qi Gong can be learned very quickly. Qi Gong's rhythmic exercises mimic the gentle movements from nature, especially the fluidity of water. To increase the health benefits, flow of energy and enjoyment.

    Offering number: 807-629  CRN: 5264  Tuition/fee: TBA Seats Open: 12  Instructor:  Julie Gunnell     12 week session
    Dates: TBA, usually Late May to August   Room: S104D  Day: Monday  Times: 06:00-06:55pm   Room: S104D
  • Call WCTC for info on L.I.R. membership (Learning In Retirement) program and $15.00 class sessions after a nominal yearly membership. Claire donates instruction for this program, as able.

L.I.R. in S-104D.

L.I.R. class titles may vary, Call Claire for details/or e-mail her.

GALILEE LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                                                       

N24 W26430 Crestview Drive (on HWY G just North of SS, Pewaukee)

The Tuesday class sessions are usually at 6:30 -7:30 pm.  Call to confirm classes. Drop-ins welcome.  Class are continuing. Beginners welcome any Tuesday.! The classes are $10/each class/public and $8/each class/parishioners if 8 min. enrolled for entire session. Send registration commitment with check asap to hold your place.  Call 414-507-2755/mobile/anytime for mailing address. The session length will be decided by Claire.

  • Call Claire for registration: 414-507-2755/cell/texting
  • Call Claire if weather is concern: 414-507-2755/cell/texting
  • Call to register and to confirm dates 
  • Newcomers welcome: call to notify (preferred); weekly drop-ins welcome
  • 8 person minimum ; to try and/or register at the 1st class, call Claire.
  • Ask about a CLUB member discount for your fitness center, community group, etc.
  • All are welcome here!
  • Ask about a parishioner/group discount( see above).

AVOLEN WELLNESS CENTER, 206 S. Silver Lake Street, Oconomowoc, WI. 53066            

          Private/semi-private and by appointment at the Center or your home(if approved).

  • lessons held standing or seated
  • Call Claire for appointment: 262-695-1417


ACU-MED Integrative Medicine Center LLC  1428 E Racine Av., just east of Hwy 164), Waukesha, WI. 53186

  • NOTE: A class begins when 8 registered. Call to confirm start date/time.
  • Fee: $80.00/ 8 class session, pro-rate to join later; drop-ins welcome $15 per class
  • Includes home practice booklet with illustrations and simple guidelines
  • Call Claire: 414-507-2755 to register by mail A.S.A.P. as we fill quickly.
  • Center # 262-832-8888 for weather closings info. Or to schedule complimentary medical therapies with Wade Rex, DOM, L.AC., BSN, C MT wrex@wi.rr.com  or www.acupuncturecmcenter.com 
  • If we have space, try the 1st class for free and register if you like it after class.
  • Leave name and phone # at Center, if wishing a class time/ day.

Try this, You'll like it!...A weekend workshop with a Tai Chi basics camp atmosphere for all! Learn more!

Everyone attending receives a CERTIFICATE of completion. These contact hours can serve towards a future certification too. Many attend for the Tai Chi Fun of it. Beginners and continuing/ all welcome!

Couples, friends, even parent/youth enjoy this weekend experience together. Saturday and/or Sunday. One or both days. Soon offering 3or 6 hour courses with certificate.

Level One-Two Introduction and Review Course-Professional Training Saturday(s) &/or Sunday(s) at The Acu-Med Integrative Med. Cntr. above. Call or e-mail Claire for info. Let me know your preference. Please inquire and mail registration asap.  Beginners and certifying instructors welcome.  All will receive a certificate of completion recognized by our global organization. Call or e-mail Claire for details/flier.


8949 North Deerbrook Trail, Brown Deer, WI. 53223

  • New 8 week session begins when 6 are registered 
  • Several times can be made available.
  • Call Kayla 414-586-8383  to register, class may fill, so call now.
  • $96 for 8 classes
  • 6 person minimum
  • See article by Claire in Summer 2010 issue of Horizon newsletter.
  • Call Claire for  info or to register by mail 262-695-1417.
  • Note-we have 2 classes, then one week off. This continues till we have 8 classes


THREE PILLARS-VILLAGE ON THE SQUARE-and-Compass Point (Holz Pavillion Chapel)

  • 375 State Road 67 (just south of HWY 18), Dousman, WI. 53118
  • Community Room: Free to residents & family only
  • Wednesdays 9:30-10:15 am the 1st, 3rdweeks of each month and the 5th Wed. if month has one!

  Milwaukee Catholic Home Thursdays 11:15-noon  Fee: FREE to all!

  • Solarium with birds/Atrium. 1st level:   11:15 am-12:00 pm, currently FREE/ public welcome
    Free to everyone !...residents, their families and public.
  • All are welcome to visit the Christmas Open House in Dec., 2016. Free to all.
  • Raffles, food, tours, open house. Call for other events free to the public.
  • Continuing classes. Call to confirm. Begin anytime.


  • North Campus 777 N Brkfld Rd (assisted care abilities), lower level Fitness Room 

South Campus (independent living), 695 N. Brookfield Road, 1st Level Community Room                               (all abilities) 

  • Now at 11:15-noon Tuesdays, until Dec. 9, 2014. 
  • Classes resume January 26, 2016 ( see schedules for Regencies at top of this page)
  • Call to confirm classes/dates. Begin anytime. Residents and their families are FREE.
  • Visitors $5 fee per class.


  • 13750 W. National Av., ask at front desk for location
  • Tuesdays, 2:15-3:00 pm.
  • Classes resume Classes resume January 26, 2016 ( see schedules for Regencies at top of this page)
  • Call to confirm dates.
  • Continuing, drop-ins welcome
  • $5 drop-in fee/ public welcome
  • Free to residents and their families.
  • Call to confirm classes
  • Classes in Patio Dining Room/ patio access on warm days!
  • See us on TV, in 50 PLUS Magazine, and ...
  • the NOW Section of the local Milw. Journal/Sentinel ads


  • W181 S8540 Lodge Blvd. (east side of Racine Street)
  • Mondays, 9:00 am to 9:45 am continue with a few exceptions
  • Some weeks off. Classes resume: January 26, 2016 ( see schedules for Regencies at top of this page)
  • $5 drop-in fee/public welcome.
  • Free to residents and their families.

Froedert Medical Center & Medical College of Wisconsin-Support Groups: Class Demos

  • Neuoscience Dept.
  • 414-805-5267 c/o Mary Yellick ; myellick@mcw.edu
  • Also ask Vicki Conte 414-805-8326 for classes with Claire Walchli in the area.
  • call for times and dates and locations, as they vary
  • FREE to the public 
  • Call Mary to register (free) 
  • Join anytime 
  • Free handouts at Claire Walchli demos.

The Department of Neurology, in conjunction with Froedtert Hospital, offers several patient support groups. Neurology related groups are listed below. If you would like to see the most up to date listing of support groups, please visit their website:


Claire offers occassional presentations/demos with their Support Groups.

Recently: Myasthenia Gravis; and Peripheral Neurapathy Support Groups, Cargivers, etc.

These support groups are open to patients, family members and friends of people with neural disfunctions. The groups provide an opportunity for people with disfunctions to better understand their condition and know that someone is there for them. 


Sign up for future group classes with Claire:

  • Call to confirm continuing classes
  • Preferred times/day of week
  • Private and semi-private lessons by appointment
  • (262) 695-1417 / voice mail c/o Claire 
  • Use mapquest.com to get directions and maps 


  • All students receive a take-home booklet with pictures and guidelines for daily practice.
  • Please call Claire to confirm times and availability, as classes fill.
  • Call for rates, discounts, single drop-in fees and private rates.
  • Claire's direct line for all locations: voice mail or 414-507-2755/cell/texting
  • See REIKI page on this web site to arrange those appointments  

See this site's TriVita (merged in Jan. 2013 with Amazon Herb Co.) web page for free in-home consultation or demos for nutritive supplements safe for pets, infants, pregnant women. These can be used as a complimentary or integrative approach with your physician(s). Claire is DSHEA Certified.

Claire now is a speaker/ demonstration instructor with the Wisconsin Parkinson's Association.  One of several speakers March 29th at the Wilson Park Senior Center "Living Well Conference"  and June 27-28, 2013 (Claire spoke June 2013 2:00 pm Friday) at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells for their Annual Symposium. Call: 414-219-7061 or 800-972-5455 Wisconsin Parkinson's Association 915 N. 12th Street, Suite 4602, Milwaukee, WI.  www.wiparkinson.org/ Also see front page of this website for link to WPA NETWORK magazine cover story/article with Claire featured/Tai Chi/Parkinson.

Claire was a presenter at the 3rd and 4th Annual Spirituality in Aging Conferences
Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (look for next year's dates and info.)
sponsored by Elder Ministries Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee

An opportunity for us to enrich our lives and spirits and to provide information and strength to those caring for elders in their family and/or professional lives.

Workshops include:
·         Reconnecting with Spirit

·         Move to Balance Your World (Tai Chi with Claire Walchli )    
·         music for the soul

·         mindfulness

·         Living in the Present Moment

·         Nature’s ways

·         From Aging to Sage-ing

·         Coming Home to Your Self

·         Community of Hope:  Caring for the Caregivers

·         Mind, Body, Spirit Connection at the End of Life

·         and more.

Register at the website:  www.spiritualityinaging.org for further information and to receive registration materials/ date.
Continuing Education credits will be available. 

Registration fee:     includes continental breakfast and lunch

Keynote speaker and lunch contact website above.


Introduction And Review Course Levels One and Two ( or new Level 3-6 Hr. Courses)

Exercise, Well-being and Daily Living  
Milwaukee WI area
Acu-Med Integrative Medicine Center, Waukesha 
Provides you with tools for instruction of T’ai Chi Fundamentals ® 

Instructor:       Claire Walchli,  Certified TCF Instructor
Prerequisite:   None, open to beginners
Options:            One or two day course or new 3 hour course.


Participant Comments:
“This program is so flexible that it can be used both personally and professionally with relative ease.”

“This versatile mind/body program helps me stay focused and gives balance to both my body and my life.”

“ As a long term tai chi practitioner, TCF has helped me more clearly monitor my own movements and better

teach my students.”



Approved 12 Contact Hours      Page One_______________________________________________

Page Two:


The Tai Chi Fundamentals®  Program (TCF)

The first program of its kind, it provides a clear, systematic approach for mastering Tai Chi basics that builds from simple to complex patterns of movement. Provides a prequel to  the Yang Style Cheng Man Ch’ing  lineage tai chi form. 

Program Elements: Includes simple movements that can be practiced with walkers and have been modified for wheelchair use. Includes three elements:

- Movement Patterns: graded sequence of exercises with symmetrical arm movement that reinforce movements repeated throughout the Tai Chi form. Helps alignment, increased leg strength, balance, endurance and coordination. Used as warm-ups to the form and can stand alone as a gentle exercise program.

- Fundamentals Form: sequence of simple to more complex movements of modified Yang Style Tai Chi .

- Mind/Body Principles: foster mind/body integration;

enhance breathing, relaxation, posture, awareness of  these in relation to the world around us, and sense of well-being. 

Development: in 1996 by Tricia Yu, MA and Jill Johnson, MS, PT, targeting elements from raditional tai chi that enhance balance, coordination, strength and endurance. 

The TCF Program has been featured in: PT Journal, Journal of Rehab Management, The Gerontologist, APTA’s GeriNotes, Medline Plus, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Wellness Program Management Advisor, American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal, and Massage and Bodywork. 

For schedules visit www.taichihealth.com 

Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2.
For schedules visit www.taichihealth.com 


Requirements: 30 contact hours, application, fees, demonstration of movement proficiency, written exam. At least 6 months practice and study before applying.Complete information & application: www.taichihealth.com

Page Three:

REGISTRATION: TCF Introduction & Review Course Levels 1 & 2

I am registering for the following date and location: (You may register now)

To be announced: Milwaukee, WI
Acu-Med Integrative Medicine Center Waukesha 


____________________________________Name Title/Credentials


Street Address


City State zip





I wish to register for: Please Select One

____ $300 Entire Course 

____ $160 Level 1 only (Saturday)

____ $160 Level 2 only (Sunday)

____ $30 assessed if registering fewer than 20 days in advance of workshop

_________ TOTAL Registration


Mail registration to her c/o Claire Walchli 657 Laureate Ct., Pewaukee WI 53072


Refund Policy:

$50 cancellation fee up to 20 days prior to seminar date.

No refunds after 20 days prior to seminar date. Contact Claire in emergency situation.

Approved for 12 Contact Hours by:



Course Materials: DVD___      or VHS ___

____ $50 Personal Practice Set


____ $120 Complete Program Set or

Price Includes shipping


 Order course materials online at    www.taichihealth.com

 or call  575-776-3470

Page Three:


Prerequisite: None. Open to Beginners

This interactive seminar provides you with tools and skills to begin mastering tai chi basics and have fun in the process! The course teaches you to perform basic movements of tai chi, and
combines lecture, movement, qigong training  This course qualifies as partial contact hours fulfillment for TCF Instructor Certification Levels One and Two.

For more information see CERTIFICATION.


1) Demonstrate the 12 TCF Movement Patterns

2) Perform first section of the TCF form

3) Describe TCF’s benefits

4) Techniques for teaching

5) Guide exercises in breathing, sensory awareness, visualization, mind/body integration skills using TCF program elements


Balance, rehabilitation, pain management, sports cross training, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and special populations. Teach groups of all ages and fitness levels in community wellness classes, health clubs, tai chi & martial arts schools, senior centers and long term care facilities.


Anyone who wants to learn Tai Chi! Activity Directors, Recreational & Fitness Professionals, Tai Chi & other Martial Arts Instructors, beginners wanting  a comprehensive review of TCF, and all who are interested in TCF instruction certification.



2-day Course: $300 1-day Course: $160 )

$30 late fee & no refunds after 20 days prior to seminar

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS (Certifying Instructors)

Personal Practice Set: Tai Chi Mind & Body text and TCF:

for Mastering Tai Chi Basics instructional video/DVD

(Highly recommended as practice tools for all students). 

 Optional: Complete Program Set:

 includes both  Personal Practice set and Professional Set

o Professional Set: TCF for Health Professionals and

Instructors text and video/DVD. 

 Order course materials online at www.taichihealth.com

 or call  575-776-3470 .



    ○ Background: history and cultural perspective/philosophy

    ○ Scientific research on Tai Chi

    ○ Elements: body mechanics, mind/body integration,                                                                                                                        

       holistic balance and harmony

• SUPINE APPLICATIONS: Breath awareness, relaxation

       and pain management

• SEATED APPLICATIONS: Breathing and relaxation

        exercises and sensing Qi


    ○ Breathing, posture and functional relaxation

    ○ Flexibility, strengthening of upper and lower body

    ○ Mobility

    ○ Coordination

    ○ Balance: double and single leg






Claire Walchli, Certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Instructor  since 2001 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, DSHEA Certified-American Nutraceutical Assn.,Certified Catechist. Faculty: Waukesha County Technical College-Allied Health. Group classes: seniors, wellness, grief support, hospice, pain management.  Presentations: Wis. Parkinson's Assoc. Wellness Fairs and Annual Symposium in WI. Dells 2013; American Holistic Nurses Assn, Parish Nurses-Milwaukee; Froedert /Medical Colleges of WI- Neuro Science Dept.; ProHealthCare Rehabilitation Center- Oconomowoc; GE, AT & T-Waukesha; Fibromyalgia Centers of WI.; Presenter at the 3rd Annual Spirituality in againg Conference; 16th year of T’ai Chi practice; 15th year in Tai Chi Fundamentals®; Study of Tai Chi for Parkinson relief featured in WPA NETWORK Summer 2014 magazine with Claire as featured instructor.


Milwaukee WI area

Acu-Med Integrative Medicine Center, LLC

1428 E Racine Av. just East of Hwy 164

 Waukesha, WI 53186

·  the Center is just 2 blocks east of HWY 164.

·  Plenty of free parking

 EMAIL:    claire@taichifun.comOFFICE: 262-695-1417 MOBILE: 414-507-2755 Page Five:AGENDA

DAY ONE: 6 hours

Level 1: Instruction in All Movement Patterns

8:30 am On-Site Registration

9:00-10:15 Tai Chi Overview Movement Instruction  Section 1

10:30 Seated/supine Breathing Exercises

Movement Instruction Complete Section 1


1:00-2:45 Seated/supine Sensory Awareness (may be before lunch/eating)

Seated Adaptations Section 1

Movement Instruction Section 2

3:00 Applications, testimonials

Movement Instruction Section 3 with Analysis:

Seated Adaptations Sections 2-3

Perform movement patterns section I and II and

Section I of the form.


 DAY TWO: 6 hours

Level 2: Instruction in Form Part One,Movement Pattern Review

9:00- 10:15 Sensory Awareness: Seated or Standing ROM Dance

Sensing Qi with Arm Movement Supine or Seated Mindfulness

Ideas for teaching Group classes

Movement Instruction : Review All Patterns

10:30 Movement Instruction : Beginning Form

Mind Body Principles of Tai Chi

Integrating Tai Chi into various class models


1:00-2:45 Movement Instruction : Form Section 1

3:00 Discussion or TCF instructor/approaches to developing new class locations and networking

Wrap Up

Certification Information

Movement Review: Flow Form

4:45 pm ADJOURN

Call or e-mail claire with any questions: Let me guide you towards your new goals.             

WCTC Summer 2016 Classes taught by Claire Walchli, TCI, Level Three Certified Instructor


www.wctc.edu/reg-newstudent    call: 262-691-5578 April 12/veterans only, see top of this page for following dates/times, 2016 registration 
 ( April 13, 14 and following until 1st day of class, if any openings.

Waukesha County Technical College

800 Main Street Room C Bldg.   Registration office

Pewaukee, WI 53072

262-691- 5578 phone

 Waukesha County Technical College

800 Main Street Room C Bldg.   Registration office room C-022 (in the C-Common Bldg.)

Pewaukee, WI 53072

262-691- 5578 phone

www.wctc.edu  Registration: November 20th, 2013 7am online/8am in person or by phone Classes fill quickly!

More registration info. for WCTC Summer 2016: www.wctc.edu  

Many students take repeated semesters of Claire’s Tai Chi Fundamentals® before taking her Levels II & III course. Some take both courses back-to-back for added practice.

It is highly recommended that people have previous training in Tai Chi Fundamentals® and be familiar with the form before taking the Tai Chi Levels II & III with Claire.  The learning becomes more internal and the energy flow rises.

Claire’s student, Julie Gunnell, for many years, class, now teaching TCF® & Qigong.

Go online for more descriptions of classes. TCF® is more lower body exercise and Qi Gong is more upper body.

TCF® is a bit more structured learning than Qi Gong.  All classes increase balance health of body, mind and spirit when practiced daily.  All classes have some printed practice materials. It is recommended that students order the TCF® DVD from the program founder by phone or online. Info on ordering available in class handouts.

The evening TCF® class is designed to combine: beginning to advanced level students.

For questions, call Claire at 262-695-1417/home office or online at www.taichifun.com or claire@taichifun.com