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...done standing, sitting or visualizing.  Tai Chi Fundamentals ®

It is a moving meditation and a complete exercise.

It promotes balance, emotional well-being, strength, energy, stress relief, low-impact aerobics, and balancing the immune and circulatory systems.

It brings us back to our fundamental postures and movements.

This class is designed to be taught by certified instructors.

Practice just 3-5 minutes per day.

Most ages and physical abilities can benefit from the Fundamentals.The "Form" can be done in less than 5 minutes.

HEALTH BENEFITS may include:

- Reduced falls
- Improved balance
- Balanced blood pressure
- Enhanced immune system
- Reduced anxiety & depression

A low to moderate aerobic exercise …suitable for all ages. No impact aerobics.(great for people with osteoporosis, arthritis, neuropathies and fibromyalgia).